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Adam Walsh DOMP RMT

Manual Osteopath located in Winnipeg, Manitoba

My Story

I started my healthcare career in Massage Therapy. I always had an interest in muscle and the anatomy of the body from my early years of training in the gym. Over time I developed some soft tissue imbalance in my left shoulder and sought out several different practitioners for treatment. Through these experiences, I developed a passion for treating injuries, which led me down the path I am on today.

After working as a massage therapist for a year I decided to further my education and enroll in the DOMP program at National Academy of Osteopathy.

I am confident that with the osteopathic treatment I can help you become pain and injury-free!

Areas of Expertise

Why Work with Adam Walsh?

Adam Walsh Osteopathy

With my educational background and hands on experience from treating numerous high level athletes and also being one my self, I am confident that I can help you with whatever musculoskeletal issues you may be experiencing.  

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